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Request Slip
There are request slips near the WRVS shop at the main entrance of the hospital, also outside Rafters Restaurant opposite the vending machines and outside of our studio.
Simply fill in the details on the slip and post it in the request boxes next to the slips.
You can phone in your request FREE from the bedside Telecall phone.
To call the studio pick up the handset, press DIAL, then type13028, when someone answers press DIAL again and give the details of your request.
If you want to phone in a request from outside, the studio number is 01934 619252.
You can always pop by the studio, (located on the ground floor, turn left after the glass walkway before the lifts) and if someone is free they'll be happy to take your request. Alternatively you can use a request slip outside the door.
If you can't come to us then we'll come to you! Most weekday evenings, 7pm - 8pm our Ward-Rounders visit patients on the wards and take requests. They're always pleased to hear the story attached to the request and will happily demonstrate how to use the Tele-Call system if needed.

No matter where you are in the world, if you have a friend or relative in Weston General Hospital and you would like to send them a Get Well message and request a song for them then send us an email:

We would need to know;

  • the patients full name,
  • the ward they are on,
  • your name,
  • your message,
  • song title and artist,

Please give us at least 48 hours notice.